Anissia West

Anissia West is an educator, equity consultant, and a social change advocate residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She specializes in designing and facilitating equity-centered adult learning experiences, coaching intercultural development, and providing equity-centered tools, strategies, and structures to promote high performing teams.

A descendant of Muscogee Creek Freedmen and Tulsa Race Massacre survivors, she is keenly aware of the unique historical context for racial inequities in Tulsa and the U.S and has dedicated much of her educational career to providing equitable access to Tulsa’s least-reached students. Anissia began her education career as a History Teacher at Mclain High School in 2008. In 2017, she joined the Tulsa Public Schools district office as one of the district’s Equity Fellows, where she worked collaboratively with district leaders to expand diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts across the district. In 2018, she took much of her equity-centered facilitative leadership skills into the role of Project Manager for High School Design, where she worked to elevate student-voice as a key factor in redesigning for equity. As Tulsa’s school design process ended, Anissia made a natural transition to Student Life Engagement Coordinator where she currently works to ensure that student-voice is included in decision making processes across the district. 

As a consultant, Anissia facilitates sessions on culture, implicit bias, and methods for interrupting systemic oppression.  Her recent projects include providing coaching and other consultative supports for the New York Department of Education (DOE).  Additionally, she has facilitated equity sessions at conferences and has facilitated equity sessions both locally and nationally. 

Anissia holds a B.A  in Anthropology, a Master’s of Education Leadership and Curriculum Development, and an Oklahoma certification in Secondary School Administration. She is also a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory.

In addition to Tri-City Collective, Anissia works with the University of Tulsa Urban Education Advisory Board and the School Reform Initiative.

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